In-Home Day Care Vs. A Daycare Center

In today’s modern working environment, parents can have a hard time staying at home to nurture their own children. This being the case, parents need a good daycare option so that they don’t have to have nagging guilt or worries following them through their workday. For some parents finding a caregiver to come into the child’s home will be the best fit, and for other parents, a daycare center will be a better option. 

At-Home Care

If you have very young children or a child who gets nervous when separated from the familiarity of home, or if you want to provide your child with a very specific sort of learning environment, then at-home care is the way to go. Before you invite caregivers into your home and entrust them to your family, you will want to vet them thoroughly. The following questions can help:

  1. Where did you work last and why did you leave? Before you trust someone in your home, you need to make sure you thoroughly check their references. Calling the family that employed the caregiver before will give you a good idea of what to expect. 
  2. Do you work for a caregiving company? You will find some nanny or caregiver companies that vet and train people to go into your home. In some cases, you can get a better standard of care by working with a caregiver company. Be sure to check into a company to get an idea of what to expect. 
  3. Are you trained in emergency-response/CPR? Obviously, you never know what sort of emergency could rear its head, so making sure that your caregiver can handle emergency situations is a good idea. 

The Benefits of a Daycare Center

A child raised in isolation misses out on important opportunities for social interaction, development, and learning. A daycare center can help a child adjust to a school environment. To choose a good daycare center, consider at least the following questions:

  1. What education philosophy do you subscribe to?
  2. How much one-on-one time do you devote to each child in your care?
  3. What sort of security system do you use for parent pick-up?
  4. What is your limit for number of children in your care?

The questions listed for both at-home care and daycare centers are not intended to be all inclusive. For the best fit for you and your family, you need to make sure that you sit down and set up your own list of questions for vetting daycares. If you’re looking for a daycare in your area, visit Advantage Learning Center.

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3 Reasons To Send Your Teen To Driving School

Getting your driver’s license is a moment that every teenager in America looks forward to. Being able to drive can help give your teen a feeling of independence and set them on the path towards adulthood. At the same time, it’s understandable that you as a parent may have some concerns about your teen getting behind the wheel. While you can teach them to drive yourself, one option that may make both you and your teen feel more confident in their driving ability would be to send them to driving school. Here are three ways a good driving school can be beneficial for both a teenager and the teenager’s parents.  

Get the Most Up to Date Information

Be honest, how many years has it been since you really reviewed all your local driving regulations? If you’re like many, it may have been a long time. When your teen gets training from an accredited driving school, they will be getting training from someone who knows all of the latest rules and safety tips. Who knows, your teen might come back from the class with a new insight that might even teach you something about your local driving regulations that you were not aware of. 

Save Money on Your Car Insurance

Adding a teen to an insurance policy can cause your monthly premium to go up due to the extra risk that the insurance company sees when a teenager begins to drive. While you can expect to pay a bit more no matter what, one way you can offset at least some of this increase is to provide your insurer with proof of a completed driving school course. Check with your provider and see if they offer a percentage discount for sending someone on the policy to driving school. 


Graduating from driving school can be big from your teenager simply from a confidence standpoint. Many teens, whether they will admit it or not, may be a bit nervous about getting behind the wheel initially. If the teen can obtain not just the approval of their parents but the approval of an accredited organization that will vouch for their skills, it may make them feel safer on the road and hopefully lead to them putting safety first in their decision making. 

Driving school can be a great way to help prepare your teen for their adventures out on the road. In addition to instilling confidence and ensuring they get the latest information, it may also provide Mom and Dad some benefits through a discount on their auto insurance. Contact a local driving school (such as Morgan School Of Driving Inc) today for more information.

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3 Preparation Tips To Consider Before Applying To Nursing School

Nursing school is a challenging but rewarding path to take. In a nursing program, you prepare yourself for a career in which you make a difference in the lives of others. You learn to take care of their health and wellness, and you become an integral part of the team that carries patients through some of the most difficult times in their lives. Nursing programs are rigorous and demand focus and discipline. You need to be in the right place in life in order to succeed in a nursing program, and you need to prepare yourself while in the process of applying to the top nursing colleges. Here are three preparation tips to consider before applying to nursing school.

Brush up on your writing skills.

Many community colleges have writing labs, tutoring centers, and career centers with programs to help boost your writing skills. You may even decide to take a writing class in order to improve your written communication skills. Writing plays a big part in the application process to nursing school. Boosting your skills in the present can also help you out in the long run. You are able to take what you learn and apply it to written essays, resumes, and cover letters for internships, research fellowships, and jobs in the future.

Take a medical terminology class.

When you get to your nursing program, you are going to be bombarded with new terminology. Give yourself a step up by taking a medical terminology course. You can either take this for academic credit or just audit a course. Becoming familiar with medical terminology early on helps you to focus on other aspects of your nursing program. You can take a medical terminology class either in person or online. Many local community colleges offer flexible options that fit your schedule and help you to approach your goals.

Learn about medical billing.

As a nurse, you mostly learn about the human body and how to help people. It is also good for you to have at clear idea of how running a medical practice works. Taking a course in medical billing shows that you take initiative when it comes to your educational and professional goals. You become familiar with the business side of running a medical practice and you also learn about how insurance works for your patients. This helps you to become a better advocate for your patients and a good team player in your future career.  

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3 Ways To Help Your 12-Month-Old Child Sleep At Daycare

If you decided to stay at home for the first year after your child is born, you will need to get them enrolled in daycare (such as Miniapple International Montessori School) when you get ready to go back to work. Unfortunately, adjusting to new sleep patterns can be tough if your child is put into a room with other babies on slightly different schedules. Try following these tips to help your child out with their naps while away at daycare. 

Write Out A List of Tips For Your Daycare

You know your child better than anybody, and chances are they another caregiver will try what they think is best to get your child to sleep if they do not know what to do from you first hand. You should write out a short list of things to do and not do. Some things to make note of are:

  • The times that your child usually naps
  • How long it takes them to fall asleep
  • If they should receive any simulation to help them fall asleep, such as rocking a crib or being helped back on their back.
  • If they should use a sleep sack or swaddle
  • What they should do if your child wakes up from a nap too early.

Leave A Lovey With Them

If your child has a particular stuffed animal or toy that helps them fall asleep, often referred to as a lovey, buy a second one that you can leave with them at daycare. Having the same lovey at home and daycare will help ease your child into falling asleep since they will not be stressed about missing it.

Some parents leave a worn shirt of their own with their child that has the parent’s scent on it. This may or may not work with your child, but it is worth a try if smelling you helps your child relax.

Use White Noise

Your day care provider may not have a white noise machine for all of the children in the infant room. White noise can help your child ignore the sounds of the other kids playing and help them stay asleep once they fall asleep.

Consider purchasing a portable white noise machine that can be left near your child’s crib. If it’s battery powered, make sure to leave extra batteries at daycare in case the power runs out.

Follow these three tips and your child should have an easier time adjusting to a daycare nap schedule.

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Am I Too Tired to Drive? Assessing Your Sleepiness

Driving while tired can be just as dangerous as driving while drunk. In fact, heavy truck drivers are required by law to stop working after a certain number of hours so they can sleep. Even though there are not specific laws prohibiting you from driving while tired, the mistakes you make could lead to traffic citations and even an accident. While most drivers will drive when somewhat tired, you will need to know when you are tired enough that you should get off the road.

Know Your Circadian Rhythm

Avoid driving when you would normally be sleep because your circadian rhythm will cause your body to release chemicals that are designed to induce sleepiness. If you must drive during these hours, having a cup of coffee will reduce the effects of the drowsiness-inducing chemicals. If you know you will need to be driving late at night, begin going to bed at a different time to adjust your circadian rhythm accordingly.

Pull Over Rather Than Fighting Sleepiness

You may find yourself blinking frequently and yawning. Honestly ask yourself whether you think you can continue to drive and consider cutting your trip short. As soon as you notice you are struggling to keep your eyes open or keep your head up, you should consider pulling over.

When you are frequently making driving mistakes, ask yourself if you are tired. For example, you might

  • Begin tailgating

  • Drift from your lane

  • Miss an exit

  • Forget where you are going

  • Hit a rumble strip

Get Coffee If You are Daydreaming

You may find yourself daydreaming and may not remember how you had driven so far. Your thoughts might seem illogical or disconnected. This form of driving can be dangerous because you are not carefully looking at the road. An insurance group conducted a study that found that 65,000 car accidents between 2010 and 2011 was caused by daydreaming. 

Find a Safe Place to Sleep

If you feel too tired to drive, you should pull over into a parking lot and consider spending some time resting. You should also consider calling a designated driver to come pick you up and help you get your car home safely.

Unfortunately, self-reporting is never fully reliable, so it is important to avoid taking risks. There are no tests for objectively measuring sleepiness, such as a breathalyzer. But by considering these warning signs, you’ll have a better sense of when you’re too tired. For more tips, talk to a driving school.

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How To Enhance Your Children’s Education

It is no secret that giving your children an excellent education is one of the most important things parents can do for them. When your children receive a good education this  means that your their lives will be enhanced when they enter the work force. Additionally, their social, emotional and physical lives may even be enriched because of your focus to provide them with an excellent education.

Here are some ideas that might inspire you to help them have great learning experiences:

Pre-School – Even when your children are very little their brains are soaking up valuable lessons.

  • Play is central to brain development. Besides educational toys and games, search your home for things that will help them learn during play time. Dresses, shoes, hats and jewelry are all objects that can be used for dress up play. Consider buying costumes after Halloween while they are sold at reduced prices.
  • Even your own every day chores can be used as teaching moments. For example, when you are making cookies, sound out the words in the recipe and encourage your children to find letters of the alphabet as you are reading. Help your little ones to measure the ingredients that go into the cookies. Even smelling and touching the different ingredients are good for the brain.
  • Of course, when you’re planning field trips you will probably include the zoo and children’s museums. However, think about going to different points of interest with a different twist. An example of this would be to take a sketch pad and colored pencils to an art museum and letting the children copy the art on display. Another idea would be to buy kid-friendly cameras and take pictures at the zoo. After the pictures are developed, help your children create their own animal book to add to their own library or to give to a child at the hospital or at an orphanage.

School Years – As your children get older, you’ll obviously be making some pretty big choices. Here are some to consider.

  • Public School – Regular public school suits many children very well. In fact, many of today’s prominent and successful individuals graduated from public school. Among them are Michael T. Duke, Rex W. Tillerson, and James D. Sinegal, all individuals who lead successful companies. The benefit of public school is that your tax dollars will be paying for your children’s education. If you want to be a big part of their public school life, consider being a home room parent and of attending parent-teacher conferences often. In addition, your children will interact with other kids from many different walks of life which can show them tolerance and greater understanding of other types of lifestyles.
  • Home Schooling – Have you ever thought about teaching your own children? Some of the benefits of teaching your children at home are that you are in complete control of their learning. You can focus on filling your children’s minds with knowledge rather than focusing on grades. Often, home schooling means that you can foster more independent thinking in your children. In addition, your family will be able to travel without the restrictions of the kids having to be at school. Consider creating your own curriculum when they are in elementary and middle school. However, when they reach the high school years, you’ll need to consider accreditation which will open the doors to college.
  • Private School – If you want your children to have a Christian-based education, consider sending them to private school. At private school the values you teach at home will be reinforced. Usually an honor code is enforced which teaches students that cheating is wrong. Your children will be able to participate in sports, choir, or other extra-curricular activities that enhance the school experience. In addition, good Christian-based private schools focus on preparing students to be prepared for college. There is often a dress code which simplifies shopping for school clothes. Christian private schools can be very affordable.

Best wishes on enhancing your children’s education. To learn more, contact Saint Thomas Academy or similar schools to ask questions and learn more.

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Two Key Ingredients Of A Stellar College Admission Essay

You’ve maintained a high GPA and participated in a healthy mix of extracurricular activities. While it would seem an automatic acceptance is in your future, you still have one more hurdle to jump – the entrance essay. Colleges and universities require applicants to prepare an entrance essay as part of the application package. A stellar essay can enhance your chance of acceptance. Make sure you know what key ingredients make up the recipe for a great essay.

Choose Passion Over Intellect

Some schools give you the opportunity to choose an essay topic. If you’re granted this option, choose a topic that you are passionate about rather than one that you think will make you appear smart. For example, say you regularly volunteer at a local homeless shelter. The impact that this experience has had on you is something you could passionately write about easily.

The thing about passion is that it is authentic and easy to recognize. When you write about a topic that you have passion for, the admissions counselors will be able to sense this. When you pick a generic topic that you either don’t know much about or have little interest in, this will also reflect in your writing. Additionally, given the example, this is a great way to insert details about your volunteering into the essay, which can also help you shine.

Don’t Be Overly Flattering

The mere fact that you took the time to fill out an application, write the essay and pay the application fee is a pretty good indication that you really want to attend that particular school. There is no need to spend your entire essay singing the praises of the school and saying how much you’d love to attend. When you consider the number of essays admission counselors receive, filling your essay with flattering fluff is the quickest way to have your essay skimmed over rather than thoroughly read.

While it’s okay to pay a little homage to the college or university in your essay, it should only be done naturally. For example, if the achievements of the school’s medical research department made you want to pursue a career in the healthcare industry, adding this information in your essay would be appropriate.

Along with these tips, the professional expertise of a college consultant can make your dreams of attending your favorite institution a reality. Make sure you are getting the help you need to accomplish your goals. Click here for more information on college consulting.

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